Published Work

“The polite xenophobia compelling Canada’s ever tighter travel restrictions” in the Toronto Star (2021)

“Zines, Queers & Economic Democracy: Vernacular Culture in Social Economy” in Progressive City (2021)

“HOLDING HORIZON: Queer Cultural Spaces Now?/!” in Sonder, Issue 2: The Rebellious City (2020)

“TENSE III: NIGHTWALKERS,” from “Light in III Tenses” in Queer.Archive.Work’s Urgency Reader 1 (2019)

Reinventing Segregation in Northern California: An Interview with Alex Schafran,” in Metropolitics (2019)

Disorientation Guide (radfun) @ University of Michigan (2017-2018)

“In Solidarity with Flint” in Michigan In Color, a column of The Michigan Daily (2016)