Published Work

“LAID BARE” winner of Toronto Festival of Authors + Power Plant Gallery’s Power to the Poets annual poetry contest (2021)

“A Mourner’s Lessons on Living” in Queer Toronto (QT) Literary Magazine (2021)

“The polite xenophobia compelling Canada’s ever tighter travel restrictions” in the Toronto Star (2021)

“Zines, Queers & Economic Democracy: Vernacular Culture in Social Economy” in Progressive City (2021)

“HOLDING HORIZON: Queer Cultural Spaces Now?/!” in Sonder, Issue 2: The Rebellious City (2020)

“TENSE III: NIGHTWALKERS,” from “Light in III Tenses” in Queer.Archive.Work’s Urgency Reader 1 (2019)

Reinventing Segregation in Northern California: An Interview with Alex Schafran,” in Metropolitics (2019)

Disorientation Guide (radfun) @ University of Michigan (2017-2018)

“In Solidarity with Flint” in Michigan In Color, a column of The Michigan Daily (2016)