Community Power Mapping

Over the years, I have developed a unique approach to community engagement through the act of mapping.

I developed this workshop, first, through my research in Locating Belleville, where I studied annotated maps of Paris by residents of a particular neighbourhood.

I then facilitated my first Community Power Mapping workshop at Shed X (Ann Arbor) 2018. I have developed subsequent iterations of this workshop in Toronto for Unit 2, Bricks & Glitter, and InterAccess.

In September 2020, I remounted the workshop digitally with Bricks & Glitter, specifically focused on defunding Toronto police. The resulting map can be viewed below or here.

I facilitated a 2-part workshop for InterAccess’s 2021 Vector Festival, focusing on the technical skills involved in data collecting, rendering, and visualization in Google My Maps. 

This workshop has been adapted for community and arts organizers in a 3-part series with Unit 2’s Celestial Seeds workshop series.

By Darian Razdar

Writer, researcher, and artist with an activist bent.

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