radfun Guerilla Fashion Show

guerillafashionshowflyerOn April 21, 2018, we took to the streets of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan in a show of style, rage, and joy. Inspired by similar actions from across the globe, radfun–a collective of which I was a member–collaborated with FREED Magazine and Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) to organize our very own guerilla fashion show. Our vision was to merge protest and performance by celebrating queer, trans, poc bodies & aesthetics in a way no one in downtown Ann Arbor could ignore. We called for anyone to join the show–and provided a live, movable DJ set, second-hand clothing, and protest signs.

Check out these photos shot by Emily Martin & Shelby Polisuk.

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By Darian Razdar

Writer, researcher, and artist with an activist bent.