Ink on fabric and paper. Created using found cardboard packaging. 2020-2021.

راز دارم

An evolving body of work, راز دارم (razdar-am) is an exploration of names and secrets. Fibre, print, and poetry. Below are select works developed in my current research and sampling process.

Holding Horizon: Queer Cultural Spaces Now !/?

Holding Horizon: Queer Cultural Spaces Now !/? By Darian Razdar This presentation is an adaptation of an essay featured in the self-published collection Toronto Queer: Erotic Experiments in Culture and Place (Summer 2020). Topics and keywords: queer, activism, culture, urgent, insurgent, planning, mutual aid, crisis. Works Cited (in order of appearance):  Muñoz, José Esteban. Cruising… Continue reading Holding Horizon: Queer Cultural Spaces Now !/?

Greetings from Detroit…

Greetings from Detroit… is a book made out of collage graphics and short written pieces in fulfillment of a creative writing course at the University of Michigan’s Semester in Detroit program, Summer 2015.  

Community Power Mapping

The following workshop outline was developed originally for a workshop presented at Shed X 2018, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has been later adapted for audiences in Detroit and Toronto. Feel free to share and adapt, while maintaining credit where credit is due ❤ COMMUNITY POWER MAPPING FOR (UN)CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Created and facilitated by Darian… Continue reading Community Power Mapping

radfun Guerilla Fashion Show

On April 21, 2018, we took to the streets of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan in a show of style, rage, and joy. Inspired by similar actions from across the globe, radfun–a collective of which I was a member–collaborated with FREED Magazine and Michigan Electronic Music Collective (MEMCO) to organize our very own guerilla fashion show. Our… Continue reading radfun Guerilla Fashion Show