poem: watching you watch me

You live in a city

to have people look at you

watching you sit while your spit

drips while you eat, 

glances pass you down the street,

and you don’t know if it’s a glare

because you are there

or if it’s a sign,

a nod, a wink. Safety, eyes on the streets

since the nights are darker

than they once seemed. In other words,

a city lives in you to watch others

through windows, vitrines

under awnings and eaves

and there is an art to it:

behind sunglasses, sly glances, 

and a longing overgrown — or,

belonging, was it? 

Peeking out between those cracks

in sunset moments and dim lit concrete.

You are still looking

and we see you — yes!

Despite all this silence, 

we have transpired

waiting for eyes to meet. 

Darian Razdar, 2022

Categorized as Poetry

By Darian Razdar

Writer, researcher, and artist with an activist bent.