poem: razdaram

I wrote this poem as a part of an artistic process between tapestry-making, graphic design, and poetry. In June 2021, I put the poem together in this zine using the design for the tapestry as both background and allegory.

Supported by CUE Art Projects.

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From earth into the heavens
constellations too faint to picture

there are certain futures
without border nor wall

hidden gardens
in native lands
where secrets ring

unbound and true.

Twelve months in one year pass

stars make sense
wading thru four seasons

drawing me a map
several secrets
held, dealt, and confessed

dark blue depths entice
incite — mysterious

what lies beyond this tepid
tarn — celestial

perfumed waters reflect
so still my gaze

in one fell plunge
dance stars
among my buoyant body

a revolution collects
in my orbit

whole galaxies whirl in rays
I bathe in such heavenly forms

truth crashes into beauty
and becomes

that special thing.
My secret.

Darian Razdar, 2021

Categorized as Poetry

By Darian Razdar

Writer, researcher, and artist with an activist bent.