Tell Councillors Matlow and Wong-Tam to INCREASE TPS BUDGET CUTS

Tell Toronto City Councillors Josh Matlow and Kristyn Wong-Tam to INCREASE TPS BUDGET CUTS. The ‘progressive’ (some say ‘radical’) contingent of our City Council is proposing a mere 10% budget cut to TPS. This comes at the same time as the City CUTS HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars to essential services like transit, childcare, and housing (see below).

A 10% cut to the TPS budget is an INSULT and a bad faith attempt to DIFFUSE radical calls for police accountability and abolition in light of Regis Korchinski-Paquet’s murder by TPS officers and widespread police violence in Toronto.

Tell Councillors Matlow and Wong-Tam to take bold action — to cut TPS budget by AT LEAST 50% in order to refund essential public services. Send and share the letter template, or even make your own message. In the end, we deserve more police accountability and compensation for essential services facing COVID cuts.

Letter template:…/1p8-qtqinVm7aOUo5yDpyp7BhHU…/edit…

Original policy prosed by Matlow & Wong-Tam:

City cuts essential services due to COVID:…/tor…/toronto-covid-19-may-22-1.5580045….

By Darian Razdar

Writer, researcher, and artist with an activist bent.

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